The Habitat Suites Hotel in Austin, Texas

The Habitat Suites Hotel in Austin, Texas, United States has gained a reputation as a "safe haven from toxic chemicals and environmental ills that travelers must endure in ordinary hotels". Located three miles from the municipal airport and 6 miles from the city center, the hotel operates 96 suites - 72 with one bedroom and 24 with two. Each suite is equipped with a living room, breakfast bar and a full service kitchen. Meeting facilities are available for 50 persons. Restaurant services are available only for breakfast and conference meals.

Habitat Suites has a strong corporate, federal and state government clientele. Extended stay (30 days or longer) visitors contribute 10% of the total occupancy. Its Environmental Program stresses environmentally sound housekeeping.

Instead of chlorine, a nontoxic copper and silver ionization system is used to sterilize the swimming pool and spa. This involves passing a low alternating direct current (6-12 volts) between copper and silver electrodes, fitted in the returning line of the pool and spa. The current causes the release of virus-killing copper and silver ions which are carried into the pool and spa with the returning water. They give good residual protection, are unaffected by UV or heat and cannot be absorbed through the skin (The level required to sanitize waste is a fraction of that classified as safe to consume by the United States Environmental Protection Agency).