Digitally controlled microprocessor releases copper and silver ions into the water system through it's specially designed flow-cell chamber that houses a scientifically developed set of electrodes.



Integrated circuitry system produces a unique and complex modulating frquency wave-form that hits the resonant frequency of the calcium carbonate molecules causing them to lose their adhesive properties.


●  Dramatically reduces chemical & water usage
●  Kills algae, biofilm, fungi & other microorganisms
●  Removes existing scale & prevents new scale formation
●  Reduces corrosion & pitting
●  Kills harmful bacteria - including Legionnaire's Disease
●  Increase Cycles of Concentration to 25 or more - virtually eliminating "bleed          off"
●  Maintains heat transfer efficiency
●  Virtually eliminate chlorine, biocides, acids, inorganic phosphates & similar        

●  Reduced equipment maintenance & down time
●  Reduces sewer cost for discharged water

●  Dramatically reduces electrical demand & consumption as efficiency of chiller is

      improved, runs less loaded and cycles off more often

Maintaining a cooling tower is a costly and time-consuming nightmare.  Thousands of dollars are spent on chemicals, water replenishment and on labor to make sure the unit works properly.  The quality of the water circulating through an evaporative cooling system has a significant effect on the overall system efficiency, the degree of maintenance required, and the useful life of system components. 

The ClearWater Copper/Silver Ion Generator releases controlled amounts of copper & silver ions into the water to kill algae, biofilm, fungi & other microorganisms.  It is a well-documented fact that copper & silver ions kill algae, bacteria, viruses & even Legionnaire's Disease.  These ions provide long term, nontoxic purification and prevent any recontamination.  They maintain a continuous disinfection process automatically while allowing you to reduce chemical usage dramatically.  This will prevent plugged water passages and severe deterioration of metal surfaces.

The electronic descaler ScaleBlaster™ produces a unique and complex modulating frequency wave-form that hits the resonant frequency of the calcium carbonate molecules causing them to lose their adhesive properties.  This will remove existing scale & prevent any new scale formation throughout the entire system without any maintenance or chemicals.  The cycles of concentration can be increased to 25 or more, virtually eliminating "bleed off" and saving you thousands of gallons of water.  Sewer costs for discharged water are reduced and most importantly, heat transfer efficiency is maintained. 


Tons/GPM Pipe Size Gal. Makeup IONIZER


10/30 1.25" 432 CT-75 SB-200
20/60 1.5 864 CT-75 SB-200
30/90 2.0 1,296 CT-75 SB-400
40/110 2.5 1,728 CT-75 SB-400
50/150 2.5 2,160 CT-75 SB-400
60/180 3.0 2,592 CT-75 SB-400
70/210 3.0 3,024 CT-75 SB-400
80/240 3.0 3,456 CT-75 SB-400
90/270 3.0 3,888 CT-75 SB-400
100/300 4.0 4,320 CT-75 SB-600
200/600 6.0 8,640 CT-150 SB-600
300/900 6.0 12,960 CT-150 SB-600
400/1100 6.0 17,280 CT-225 SB-600
500/1500 8.0 21,600 CT-300 SB-600 (2)
600/1800 10.0 25,920 CT-300 SB-600 (2)
700/2100 10.0 30,240 CT-300 & 75 SB-600 (2)
800/2400 10.0 34,560 CT-300 & 150 SB-600 (2)
900/2700 12.0 38,880 CT-300 & 225 SB-600 (3)
1000/3000 12.0 43,200 CT-300 (2) SB-600 (3)
Exact sizing of units may vary due to several circumstances such as climate, pH of the water, type of cooling tower, etc.

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