SPA & POOL UV-C (Ozone)

We offer the UV-C lamp (Ozone) as an accessory to the Clearwater Ionization System: this UV light oxidizes the residual organic substances of the pool water, in conjunction with the process of disinfection by copper/silver ionization.
With this combination, you will be able to enjoy a virtually “hands-free” pool, completely free of chemical products!

General Information about UV Light
(without Clearwater Ionization System)

Clean, clear and fresh swimming pool water with up to 80% less chlorine, the new Spa & Pool UV-C makes it possible. The Spa & Pool UV-C disinfects water safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. It keeps the formation of mould, bacteria and algae under control and protects the (swimming pool) water against pathogenic organisms.
You do not need to use as much chlorine and other chemicals to disinfect the water, to prevent chlorine smell, skin irritation and "red eyes". In comparison with other UV-C devices, the Spa & Pool UV-C has many unique features. Due to the length of the stainless steel housing, the water is exposed to a high dose of UV-C radiation for a particularly long period. The interior of the Spa & Pool UV-C is electrolytically polished so grime can barely adhere, keeping the reflection at its maximum and maintenance simple. The reflection also yields 35% more UV-C. The Philips UV-C lamp has a useful life of an incredible 9,000 hours.

The Spa & Pool UV-C is available from certified swimming pool installers and specialty shops.

With the Spa & Pool UV-C your water will be efficiently and safely disinfected, providing you with excellent water quality.
The choice is up to you!

Functioning of the Spa & Pool UV-C.

The Spa & Pool UV-C provides clean, fresh and clear water in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. The water is fed through the UV-C unit by a pump. Here it is exposed to UV-C radiation at a wavelength of 253,7 nanometres, produced by a special lamp. This radiation neutralises bacteria, viruses and other primitive organisms and prevents them from reproducing. UV-C radiation damages the DNA of the cells and ensures that the genetic material can no longer be read. The cells in the water die off and can no longer divide.

Drawing 1: The molecular structure of the DNA is broken down

  Drawing 2: Spectral Power Distribution

 Advantages of UV-C treatment.

• Provides fresh, clean and clear water.
• Efficiently and safely disinfects water.
• Protects your bath against pathogenic organisms.
• Keeps the formation of mould, bacteria and algae under control.
• Can reduce the use of chlorine and other chemicals by 80%.
• Prevents chlorine smell and irritation of skin and eyes (red eyes).
• Better for the environment than traditional methods.
• Reacts directly in contrast to chlorine (unless the concentration of chlorine is high).
• The taste, colour, odour and pH level of the water remain unchanged.
• Easy maintenance.

Characteristics of the Spa & Pool UV-C.

• Up to 35% more efficiency because of reflection.
• Electrolytically polished stainless steel reflective interior, making it difficult for dirt to stick on.
• Philips UV-C lamp/Life span: 9,000 hours.
• Easy installation, servicing and cleaning.
• Universal PVC fittings.
• 2 years guarantee against faults due to workmanship.

Guarantee conditions:

The product is guaranteed for 24 months from the day of sale against factory production faults. The lamp and the quartz glass are not covered by the guarantee. Complaints relating to guarantees can only be dealt with if the product is returned postage paid and is accompanied with a valid proof of purchase. Guarantee repairs may only be done by the supplier. We will not honour guarantee claims resulting from installation or operation mistakes. Defects arising from poor maintenance are also not covered by the guarantee.
The supplier is in no way responsible for damages resulting from wrong use of the product. The supplier is not liable for any consequential damage resulting from failure of the equipment unit.
Complaints due to transport damage can only be accepted if the damage is determined and confirmed by the shipping agent, railway company or post office upon delivery of the goods. Only then will it be possible to assert claims against the shipping agent, railway company or post office.



The Philips UV-C lamp has a useful life of an incredible 9,000 hours.

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