First Hotel in Singapore with Mineral Water Swimming Pool



The newly refurbished Meritus Negara is the first hotel in Singapore to indulge its guest with a purified mineral water swimming pool. Guests can now enjoy a refreshing swim free from burning eyes, dry skin, bleached hair, offensive odours, allergic reactions, and high levels of toxins - the harsh effects of water in regular chlorinated swimming pools.

The Hotel, which is completing a multi-million dollar refurbishment, joins other elite hotels, health clubs, and medical facilities around the world in using a NASA patented silver and copper ionization technology to purify and sanitize the swimming pool water, minimizing the use of chlorine. The ionization process effectively destroys algae and bacteria 1,000 times faster than chlorine alone, and is proven superior against pathogens like E Coli, AIDS, and Herpes.

Silver and copper have been used for centuries to sanitize water. Copper is a well-known algaecide while silver is a powerful bactericide. The ancient Greeks used to drink from silver goblets and store their water in copper urns. The American pioneer settlers put silver coins in their barrels of water and milk.

Modern ionization technology was initially developed by NASA for the drinking water of the Apollo astronauts and is now considered the future of water sanitation. And today, silver is also used in medicine and cosmetics to keep out bacteria.

At Meritus Negara, guests can rest assured that they are swimming in sanitized mineral water with numerous health benefits, and not a chemical cocktail.

Meritus Negara is located at
10 Claymore Road (off Orchard Road) Singapore 229540
Tel: 6737 0811